Has anyone ever told you: “We have the same spirit animal!”? I will never forget when that happened to me. I felt honored that this person I admired said this to me but at the same time, I was somewhat confused. What exactly is a “spirit animal”?

I guess a “spirit animal” could be an animalistic representation of one’s personality, usually made up of a mystical animal which takes on various forms, but also, I think it portrays what that person is striving to be; for example, the lion usually represents “pride”, “majesty”, and “confidence”. The animal my friend was referring to was a type of tiger with a lion head. A tiger with a lion head? Well, I thought, what do tigers and lions both represent? Strength. Pride. Power. Majesty. Patience. Not bad… I’ll take those qualities even though I may not display them always. Clearly, my friend spoke in terms of what he felt we both were always striving to achieve, and I love that concept.