Saint Beats


*Preview is mixed with only samples from this pack

Saint Beats

Recorded using a mix of organic drum kits, percussion, and programmed elements, the Saints Beats Pack contains a wide variety of hard-hitting tones and patterns that can be used across an array of genres. Use these loops to build new tracks from scratch, create exciting layers to your music projects, or even use in your video productions. 

This pack includes four folders:

1) Complete Drum Loops

2) Kick & Snare Loops

3) Top Kit Loops

4) One-Shots

The BPMs range from 75 to 174, including 876MB of sounds.

Total size of 452 hi-res WAV files!


This collection introduces the new partnership of longtime friend Jonathan Allen into a new phase of Sample Fuzz Audio. Both Jonathan and I share a similar vision in the creative process and musical influences. We think Sample Fuzz Audio sample packs and libraries should reflect who we are as musicians, producers, and sound designers. The sound and feel of Sample Fuzz Audio is an extension of our musical character and stylistic tastes: from grittiness, psychedelia, and groove to quirkiness, ambient, and electronic vibes. We sincerely hope to ignite imaginations and help push creative boundaries in the art of music-making.

The idea of the “Saints Collection” is to give producers and beat makers all the essential tools and inspiration that they need to create unique sounding tracks. The word “SAINTS” pays homage to the traditional saint candles, which is a common item in Mexican culture and the fleur-de-lis logo to the city of New Orleans. Also, the “saints” highlights the importance of the essential musical elements of the modern-day track: the beat, the synth, the 808, and the FX. 


Happy music making!

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