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When you buy a Sample Fuzz Audio library you are not acquiring ownership of the sounds but rather you are purchasing a license to use the sounds within your musical compositions (regardless if your compositions are released commercially). The license is non-transferable; therefore, if you are using an illegal copy of the product, you are not authorized to use the sounds. The original producer of the sounds will always remain the license of the sounds.

For more info, please review our MASTER CLEARANCE AGREEMENT

All Sample Fuzz Audio libraries are supplied as industry-standard 44.1kHz/24-bit WAVs. Current available libraries also come Ableton ready with REX2 files. Our sounds and loops are uniquely designed to offer lots of character while still being as functional and versatile as possible, allowing them to be used quickly and creatively. All format information is contained in the product's description product page.

Most products come as large files and may take some time to download,depending on your connection speed. In the case that you have used up all 3 of your downloads and your download is incomplete please contact us, and we will add more downloads to your account. In the case of an unzipping error, this generally has to do with an incomplete download or in the case of Windows users, we recommend Winzip as a reliable unzipping software.

Add the product to your cart and at the checkout window, enter your discount code in the appropriate box to apply. Please carefully enter the discount code exactly as you received it and your cart transaction will be discounted accordingly.

Currently with our products, all different format options come with each product and you cannot download only specific files.

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You may use the sounds and loops in combination with other sounds within your musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees and/or royalties for such usage. However, you cannot use the sounds in isolation (that is, when not within musical compositions) as part of a commercially released project, meaning you cannot use the sounds to make another sample library product. Please do not use our product demos as part of your productions as they can often contain elements of other libraries, and are therefore excluded for use as part of a pack purchase.

For more info, please review our MASTER CLEARANCE AGREEMENT

Yes, but it must follow the guidelines above, using the sounds within (not in isolation) your own compositions and productions. Who else can use the sounds I have bought? Only the original purchaser of the product has the right to use the sounds commercially. This means that you cannot sell or give the sounds to anyone else. If you do and they use the sounds within a commercial release, they will have to pay royalties to Sample Fuzz Audio for using the sounds.

For more info, please review our MASTER CLEARANCE AGREEMENT

The license covers the release of original tracks using the sounds and produced by the establishment and/or studio name but individual names can be added. If an individual within the organization wishes to use the sounds as produced under his own name, that person must purchase another copy in order to obtain a license agreement.

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"Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas has a unique, multi-stylistic approach to the bass... He’s proven himself adept in the rock, jazz, funk and salsa idioms... a prolific session bassist..."
"Roy is the tightest bassist alive and his tone is impeccable!"

"Whether it's thickening up a mix or looking for inspiration when I'm writing songs, Roy's sound libraries have everything I need"