SF50 K-Upright With EXS24 Extra


*Preview is mixed with only samples from this pack EXCEPT for drums.

SF ‘50 K-UPRIGHT With EXS24 Instrument

Recorded with my 1950s Kay upright with D’Addario Helicore strings. A New Orleans luthier named Sal helped me rig a P-Bass pickup at the end of the upright’s fingerboard, which really helps me get my live upright sound.

After being destroyed in the 2010 Nashville flood, I thought I’d never play my 1952 Kay Upright bass again. It was a mess: busted at the seams; warped and bowed in all the wrong places; covered in mold inside and out; electronics ruined; etc. But finally, in 2014, it was completely restored and so was my faith. I started woodshedding again and found a new inspiration in this bass and it’s now Cumberland funk riddled self. Welcome to a rebirth: SF’50 K-UPRIGHT.

This pack contains 140 unique loops ranging from 65-205 bpm, including clean and amp lines.

Additional 49 loops of more experimental FX’d loops.

68 one-shot samples of single bass notes (clean & amp lines).

Includes a pre-made EXS24 instrument.

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